The biggest parties of 2018 that you shouldn’t miss out

The summer is approaching fast and some really amazing parties and festivals are about to fry our brains in endorphins. So let’s have a look at some super-parties that we, Kvant Lasers guys, consider to be the biggest and best out there.

Glastonbury Festival

Ultimately the largest green field open-air music and performing arts festival in the world that happens at the end of June in the UK. Apart from contemporary music bands and artists you will find there also many different types of arts, including theatrical performance, circus, cabaret, dance and some others that will make you say WTF is this?
For us Europeans it’s easy to get there thanks to all low cost flights.
This festival is older than Kvant company and my myself too, hehe! Over there you may experience so much mud everywhere around you, you won’t believe it.

Burning Man

Unique and one of its kind, happening in the middle of desert in Nevada, USA. This one is for real enthusiastic psychos that love Mad Max movie. All its stages, vehicles and environment are as crazy as they can get and turn the whole place into a different type of world.

Lately, many celebrities started to visit this place and party wild so if you want to ball a rich chic, that’s the place to give it a shot.

THE moment of the festival is the ritual burning of the huge wooden sculpture, during which, unfortunately, some people died too when they got too excited and jumped into the flames – probably thinking the fire won’t harm them. It’s hard to find the words to describe the feeling of being at this party so you need to go there yourself really and experience it.

Tomorrow land

And again another European super show that’s been happening since 2005 in Belgium. Two weekend(!) festival of electronic music is not only about the top Dj lineup when it comes to certain rave styles, but the design of the stage, all the laser light system, special effects and atmosphere are simply astonishing and hard to beat. The audio-visuals will put you out of your shoes as well as the fact that tickets are usually sold out within a few minutes.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

This place covers all kinds of music styles and arts, including alternative rock, hip-hop, electronica and tones of visual performances. It happens at Empire Polo Fields in Indio, California. Because of its location it could well be a great place for your holiday before or after this party.

You will probably find some Kvant high power show laser systems at all of these festivals so watch out for those bright beautiful laser beams! And when you see them, the chances are they were made by us over here, in Slovakia. Enjoy the summer season!