Tips and Tricks To Survive The Game

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the highly loved and played multiplayer battle royale game played online. Agenda of the game involves players fighting it out to be the last man standing. With some exciting twists and turns, the game has become highly popular amongst the youth and others as well. Survival is the important criteria to win the playerunknowns battlegrounds kostenlos. But the whole energy of the game can be so overwhelming that often players might make mistakes and lose their grip on the game. There are certain tips and tricks that could be employed which would ensure that you last longer in the game and not lose your place.

  1. Winning should always be the primary criteria when you play a game. But it is equally important to be aware of the other side of the coin as well. Especially in a game like battlegrounds where you will be continuously attacked, sniped, beaten with frying pans and shotgunned. One must be prepared to lose a few rounds in the process.
  2. The game offers three modes of play where you can either enter as a single, double or a team of 4. If you are a beginner the ideal scenario would be to play single. This would be beneficial as you can learn the tips and tricks of the game well. You can play as a team once you become a seasoned individual. This would help you contribute better to the team.
  3. One of the features of the game is that it turns on the proximity voice chat by default. This might be beneficial to spot the mouthy enemy but it is best to mute the voice chat while playing.
  4. The first step in the game involves a free jump that the player makes into a designated area. One of the tricks here is that you can choose a smart drop zone. This can be marked by right-clicking on the area. Popular towns in the map will definitely have more to offer but if you are a beginner always choose a smaller town as your drop zone. You can slowly progress once you are used to the game. Also if you are playing as a team ensure that the drop zone offers sufficient loot for the entire team. Cities on the outskirts should be your target as they draw less competition.
  5. The angle at which you dive towards your drop zone is also equally important. In case the plane is just above the drop zone it is always advisable to dive straight. The catch here is always angle yourself properly while diving towards the ground. Also, ensure that you pull the parachute a little closer to the ground.
  6. Speed is very important when you are looking for the essentials inside buildings. Pick up whatever essentials you are able to spot because something is better than nothing. When you stay in the playerunknowns battlegrounds kostenlos eventually you will be able to rob more.
  7. While you are on the looting spree ensure that you are able to grab certain essential items like backpacks and armor vests. These will help you increase your inventory capacity. Also, it is very much essential to get your hands on the gear as fast as possible. Understanding the value of the armor at every stage of the game is equally significant.

Despite all the tips and tricks practice is what will make you a perfect player in the long run.